Who We Are

We are people from the fire service and the general public, who choose to Honor ALL the Fallen with our commitment to “Never Forget, Never Again.”  We are finding the courage to Reexamine 9/11,  to Learn from 9/11, to Make Visible ALL who died from 9/11 and the War on Terror, and to create Unitive Actions so that 9/11 type events and Wars on Terror NEVER happen AGAIN.


Firefighters for 9/11 Truth & Unity (FF911 Truth & Unity) is an integrated auxiliary of One Becoming One. Our auxiliary was formed on 9/9/15.


Membership is open to ALL people from the fire service, military, law enforcement, and from the general public that are committed to Regenerative Community Service, increasing Community Unity, and co-creating Thriving Communities.


MISSION detail:

  1. Alert to Fire: Compassionately INCREASE AWARENESS of the 9/11 Fire Investigation & to the importance of Reading of ALL the Names
  2. Locate Seat of the Fire: Help IDENTIFY UNDERLYING BROKENNESS out of which 9/11 arose and report findings for the Subtle & Physical Activism Teams
  3. Extinguish Hot Spots: Provide UNITIVE COMMUNITY ACTION to heal the underlying brokenness discovered during the Wisdom Circles
  4. Request Backup: INVITE NEW MEMBERS, including fire, military, police AND general public members willing to support the team and the mission
  5. WE Got your Back: BE THERE FOR EACH OTHER and to Support existing 9/11, Veterans, and War Relief groups as we are able. Specifically, groups that are supporting the spiritual, emotional, mental or physical needs of people impacted by 9/11 and the War on Terror.
  6. Prevent Fire: REDUCE POSSIBILITY OF NEW FIRES (FIRES being Conflict, Crises, Corruption, Cooption, and destructive Competition) with what we learn, and with the ongoing personal and community service needed to increase Awareness, Healing, Love, Compassion and Unity.

You can also review the overview of our 1-Year UNITIVE ACTION PLAN.

To BEGIN the process of Membership, please sign our SOS.